10 Habits of Fit People

Running on a TreadmillDo you ever wonder how fit people stay fit?  Year after year, they continue with their healthy, active lifestyle, while others manage only a few months of regular learn from the best.  Adopt the habits of fit, active people and start moving your body!

Fit people make exercise a priority.  Exercise is essential to be healthy, and fit people know that.  Fit people realize that a 30-minute sweat session is more important than watching the finale of Survivor or pressing the snooze button.  Fit people adjust their schedule to create time for a workout routine.

Fit people make workout appointments.  If you have a meeting with your boss or a doctor’s visit, you make sure to show up on time.  Fit people schedule in exercise appointments.  They treat them like any other appointments.
Fit people are adaptable.  Fit people will modify their exercise routine if they have an injury, shorten their routine if they have a tight schedule or postpone their routine a day if they have an unexpected engagement.  Fit people can adapt to change- but they don’t change the fact that they get their workout done.
Fit people have workout partners.  Fit people make plans to go for a walk, hike, or to the gym with their fit friends, family, or canine companion.  While some fit people enjoy working solo, many realize that they will be more likely to exercise if they are accountable to someone else.  Some people hire a personal trainer to keep them accountable.  Working out with a partner can also make the exercise session more enjoyable- something to look forward to.
Fit people get their heart rate up!  It may sound obvious, but fit people know how to get their heart rate up.  Fit people still enjoy less intense exercise, such as a stroll by the river, but they break a sweat during a workout.
Fit people are prepared.  Exercise requires preparation.  Fit people understand this and set themselves up for success.  They remember to pack their gym clothes so they can hit the gym after work, or they prepare for the next day the night before, so they can exercise in the morning.  Healthy eating also requires preparation.  Fit people pack their lunch, or ensure they have healthy alternatives when eating out.
Fit people enjoy variety.  Most fit people do not enjoy doing the same workout every day.  They change it up to prevent boredom.  Also, changing an exercise routine challenge muscles differently and avoids plateaus.
Fit people have a goal.  Some people choose to train for a special event or race to keep motivated; other fit people simply have a goal of exercising four times per week.
Fit people enjoy exercise!  Not every fit person enjoys running on a treadmill, every fit person finds something they enjoy doing.  Fit people may go for a power walk with friends, hike in the mountains, join a fitness class, or perfect their dancing skills with Dance Dance Revolution.
Fit people avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mentality.  In other words, fit people do not beat themselves up if they miss a workout, or sabotage their healthy eating regime because they enjoyed a slice of cheesecake.  They understand that keeping fit is a life-long commitment.  When they get off track, they simply get back on the path of exercise and sound nutrition.
Tanja Shaw is the owner of Ascend Fitness Inc., a private training studio.  Tanja and her team of expert fitness professionals work to inspire and educate Chilliwack residents to make positive and power changes in their lives through physical fitness and sound nutrition.  For more fitness tips go to www.ascendfitnesscoaching.com.

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