12 Days of Fitness: A Workout

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Hi Peak Fitness Athletes!

Ahh… Christmas.  December 1st is here, which means we get to enjoy Christmas music, Christmas lights, and Christmas workouts.
My version of the 12 Days of Fitness originally started back in Parksville with a group I was working with… and it’s been a December tradition ever since.
If you were lucky enough to be at Ascend Fitness Boot Camp on the morning of December 1st, you have already done this workout.  If you are in one of my other classes, don’t think you have escaped.  The 12 Days of Fitness Workout is coming soon 🙂
Warm up: 5-10 minutes
Workout Instructions:
This workout has 12 rounds, just like the song.  Do the first exercise on the first round.  Do the second, then first exercise on the second round.  Each round, you add another exercise.
Record your reps for the first exercise, as you do it 12 times.  The goal is to go hard the first time, and keep up the pace throughout the workout.
1. 1 minute of cardio (5 push-up position jump in/outs, 5 squat jumps- max reps in 1 min)
2. 2 Push-ups + rotation (to each side- 4 total)
3. 3 Push-up position dumbbell rows (on each side- 6 total)
4. 4 Triceps Push-ups
5. 5 Stationary lunges (on each leg)
6. 6 Plank with up and down movement (forearms to hands- 6 total or   3 on each side)
7. Dumbbell shoulder presses
8. 8 Burpees
9. 9 Dumbbell chest flyes in V-Sit position
10. 10 Single leg raises (abs- 10 on each side)
11. 11 Biceps curls in squat hold
12. 12 Push-ups
This workout takes about 45 minutes… depending on how many breaks you take.  Remember to count your reps for the 1 minute of cardio and try to make or break your personal best each time!

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