13 Minute Butt Burner

This workout is all about the butt.  The glutes are one of the most underutilized muscles we have… they just don’t always like to work.  And, sitting for long periods of time doesn’t help.  Strong glutes are key to healthy movement patterns, and to prevent injuries from low back pain to hamstring strains, IT band syndrome, knee pain and plantar fascitis.  And to activate and strengthen the glutes, you definitely don’t need any fancy equipment. 
Let’s have 3 cheers for a strong backside!

While you really don’t need anything at all to get in great shape, it really is much, much more fun to do it as a group.  At Ascend Fitness we offer the coaching to put all the pieces together, to make sure you’re doing things correctly, and the support and accountability to reach you goals.  Click here to request your free trial!

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