How to Stop "Falling Off the Wagon" with Laura Jackson (FVY 135)

I am excited to share my conversation with Laura Jackson with you! If you like the podcast, you’ll LOVE Laura. She’s real, she’s funny, and she’s relentlessly passionate about helping you create the health and life of your dreams.
We have a very real conversation- in fact I didn’t even do an official intro, because as soon as we started talking, I knew I wanted to share our entire conversation with you. We had a tough time narrowing this interview down into any one specific topic, but here are a few of the highlights you get to look forward to: 

  • What Laura and (I agree with her) hates about the fitness industry, and how it’s served us wrong
  • Why you should stop  seeking ‘balance’ and what to do instead
  • What needs to happen to create, and then stick to habits, and how to do it
  • Why it’s so important to shift how you see yourself, and how to create that shift
  • And so much more 🙂 

Laura Jackson is Founder of FIT CHICKS® & FIT CHICKS Academy , Canada’s largest women’s only fitness & health education company . Starting in 2008 with only 7 chicks and many companies in the industry failing to grow, Laura’s goal of “fierce fitness made fun” that’s accessible to ALL women expanded their award winning women’s only boot camp from over 20 locations to include health retreats, fitness DVD’s programs, nutrition challenges and FIT CHICKS Academy(r) online certification programs for women in fitness, nutrition and business. To date she has helped over 10000 women transform and reach their goals personally and professionally in the health space.

Leading Fitness Expert, Holistic Nutritionist, Health Educator and  Fitness Business Coach, Laura is also the host of the top 100 rated Fitness & Nutrition Podcast on Itunes named “FIT CHICKS Chat” as well as the TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. She is also a fitness and nutrition contributor to national publications and TV Shows such as Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and has appeared on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” and The Shopping Channel
Laura’s commitment to women’s health earned her 2018 Top 3 Canadian Fitness Professional of the Year in Canada & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.
She will continue her of helping women create the life, health & career of their dreams and build healthier communities around the world with the internationally recognized and top rated FIT CHICKS® Academy online certifications including the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program, Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program & The Online Biz Builders Lab.
Instagram /fitchicksacademy

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