15 Minute Body Weight Workout

Hey 🙂  Thanks for taking the time to read this post and watch my video.
I love quick and effective workouts- and therefore am a HUGE fan of high intensity interval training (HIIT workouts).  Depending on what equipment you use, you can do them outdoors or indoors.  If you’re serious about getting results, you need to add HIIT workouts to your regiment!
Here’s a great 15 minute interval workout that you can do anywhere… including a beach in Hawaii!

Interval timer
Bench (you can modify if you don’t have access to a bench)
Warm up (I ran 2 kilometers to the beach park).  Set your timer for 40 seconds on/ 10 seconds off for 9 rounds.
Group 1:
1. Burpee with a push-up
2. Triceps dips
3. Ab rotations
Repeat for 3 rounds.
Group 2:
1. Mountain Climbers
2. Mat Jump Over
3. 3 Lunge pulses + Jump
Repeat for 3 rounds.
You’re done!  Warm down (I ran 2K back to my condo and then went for a swim in the ocean!)

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