How to ACTUALLY Change Your Thoughts (FVY 178)

When we want to improve our fitness, health, or lose weight we often start by researching diet plans and fitness plans. And that can work… for a while.

But then life happens. Or we get bored of the program. Or we get resentful of giving up all the things we love. Or we don’t have support.

And we go right back to where we started.

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, if you really want to live a healthier life and actually make it a LIFESTYLE then you have to do more than just follow a meal plan or cut calories. You have to change the way you THINK.

It sounds simple. It is simple. But it isn’t necessary easy.

In this podcast, Kayla, MindBody Eating Specialist at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, break down a step by step process to change the way you think even if you have no idea what you are thinking (by the way, that’s totally normal!)

Grab your ear buds and let’s go!
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