These Words Drain Your Energy + Will Power: Do You Use Them? (FVY 180)

Let’s face it, creating or sticking to good habits takes energy. It takes energy to overcome the urge for chips while watching a movie on a Tuesday night. It takes energy to plan your meals for the week.
And so many of my clients want MORE energy- yet they unknowingly waste energy with a few simple words.
These words drain your energy, your willpower and take the joy out of your healthy habits. Ever struggle with making healthy eating choices in the in the PM hours? Ever struggle with being ‘good’ for a few days, or weeks then falling right back into bad habits?
THIS might be the reason. Press play, make a few simple swaps in your language and you could notice a huge improvement in your ability to say no to the second helping of supper or the cookie in your office lunchroom. 

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