2013 Was a Fantastic Year

Hey Everyone!
The end of the year is the perfect time to review everything that you’ve accomplished- and to make plans for what you would like 2014 to look like.
I’ve done the same for Ascend Fitness, and I wanted to share with you where we’ve come, and what we’ve done in 2013.
2013 started with goals, a plan…  and nearly homeless.
We kicked off January with the TakeDown Challenge– a “Biggest Loser” type challenge and nutrition program created by an incredible woman and friend, Carolyn Fetters from Huntington Beach, California.
The program sold out quickly- almost as quickly as the participants lost weight!
17497_568804259797718_1399400856_nTop prizes went to Anne Moore, Melanie Keast and Brian Wierks.
January was also the month we realized that our ‘sound’ issues in our current location weren’t going to be fixable.  I had great clients, great staff, and great programs… but no studio.
Nevertheless, I carried on, and returned to Rotary.
I also made a quarterly goal to bring Gord on full time.  Gord’s pretty persistent.  Each time we met he would give me a new idea of something we could do once he’d be full time with Ascend.  The sign of a good coach- keeping you accountable to your goals!
February 8th was a great day- I signed the lease for our new studio.
644068_496955566982588_28169723_n 542764_563418383669639_1046951713_n
The first picture is of me in the fall signing my first lease.  Things were easier the second time (right).  Hmm… can you spot 10 differences between the photos?
I had A LOT of help from friends.  We managed to get our new space all fixed up and ready to open on February 18th- 10 days from the day we signed the lease!
557982_572591812752296_781959356_n 13177_572591779418966_1459850620_n
First class in our new home!
10915_569769516367859_139918322_nIn February we wished Amanda Erickson a happy maternity leave and welcomed Tanya Oliver to our team.  Tanya takes care of all the behind the scene activities and creates an illusion that I am organized.
By March Gord accepted a full time position at Ascend… which is why you’ve been seeing him at the studio- a lot.  There’s something a bit scary about taking on your first full time employee.  But, sometimes you need to jump off the edge before you can fly.  I am really really happy to have Gord around a bit more (or a lot more).
In April I was doing burpees in Kauai.  Seriously.  There’s even a picture to prove it.
485323_591096144235196_919550981_n.  Going away for 10 days and having my business still run smoothly was a huge accomplishment for me.  It meant I had some systems in place, and a kick a$$ team.
In April Chris Carberry took a handful of the most hard-core Ascend members kayaking.  It was wet.
In May we ran the 21-Day Challenge for the second time, and had the same ‘earth-shattering’ results that we did the first time.
954880_610704228941054_484083622_n 1456534_702721776405965_152494360_n
June was the Tough Mudder.  We did an 8-week training camp to get ready for the event- and we killed it!!  Had a great time getting dirty with Sharon Fast, Jenn Denbok, Jodie Andris, Dale Cuthbertson, Gloria Grieve and Gordon Penner.  We’re putting a team together for 2014.  I volunteer to be the camera crew and event organizer.
All summer long we hit the trails.  Every other week we made a trek up one of our local mountains.  We did Elk, Lindeman, Elk-Thurston, the Grouse Grind, Mt. Slesse and Pierce Lake.  Good thing we spent all winter doing squats and lunges!!
1016700_634527389892071_1900594234_n 972253_621001787911298_299199202_nWe also did a MASSIVE referral contest in the summer.  We gave away load of cash, brought in new (and now very fit) members to our family, and a few grand prizes.  Vicki Williams won the BC Getaway Weekend.  Congrats!
In August we started training for the ‘mud trials’.  And by September everyone was pretty pumped to get their feet wet (literally).  We had about 25 on our team… and the experience is pretty well summed up by this photo of Wendy.
mud trialsThat evening we got cleaned up and had a party and inducted our very first group of Ascend Fitness Athletes into the VIP Club.  WOO HOO!!
1379832_671836196161190_864803389_nAround the same time we said “WELCOME” to Spencer.  Hmmm….  Don’t let that smile  fool you.  He’ll make you do your burpees and push-ups.
While all this is going on, Jane has been keeping her small group and boot camp clients in fantastic shape, and spending some time with the kiddies too.
1012463_652048998139910_1646890855_nIn October I headed to Orlando for “Mega Training”, where I was one of the top five finalists for Member of the Year.  I got to present to other fantastic fitness professionals and show them how they can set goals, implement plans, follow their dreams, and help hundreds of men and women achieve their dreams through health and fitness.  I didn’t win, but I am so thankful to have that experience.  I am so fortunate to be a part of such a fantastic group of fitness professionals from around the world.  I also got to meet Tony Horton.
1395391_677291522282324_571940749_nNovember we ran the 21 Day Challenge again.  Congratulations to our very own Tim Braun for winning the challenge!  Yippeeee!!!!Tim 21 DayIn December we played a bit more in the snow….1462984_710760662268743_1079448299_nAnd now as 2013 comes to a close, I’m ready to do it all again next year… only better. I set my goals, made a plan and have the support and accountability to get it done.
It’s been a FANTASTIC year.  One thing though, is that none of this would have ever happened without you.  I am so grateful for the amazing members of Ascend Fitness.  You are more than clients- you are friends, and my daily inspiration.  Thank you!  Thank you to my absolutely phenomenal team: Gord, Jane, Tanya, Amanda, Carleen, Sharon and Spencer.  Thank you to my family, and my friends for believing in me, and supporting me every step of the way.

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