3 Mindset Shifts for Massive Change

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Maybe you want to lose weight, start exercising, improve your eating habits, or your relationship with food, or all of the above. Chances are, you know a few things you could be doing differently. You might even really, really want to make the change. Perhaps feeling uncomfortable in your body, being sick and tired of yo-yo dieting or having low, low energy is spurring you on. But you still don’t do it. Or you don’t stick with it long enough to get results. And you’re FRUSTRATED!
            To solve the problem of inaction, we often search for more information. We read magazines for recipes and workout plans. Maybe we just haven’t found the right plan yet. Maybe we should do keto. Or the Whole 30. Or start intermittent fasting. Or a 21-day Body-Fix workout plan.
            But most of us don’t need more information. In fact, we have so much information (most of it conflicting) that we get stalled because we don’t know which piece of information to start with. What we need, is implementation. To take action consistently. And that starts with mindset.  In this article, we’ll dive into 3 simple mindset shifts to create massive change. In my next podcast, I will share 3 more.

  1. Focus on solutions, not problems.

Problems, obstacles and barriers are expected. We all have them. I’ve had coaching sessions where clients would spend 15-20 minutes (more if I didn’t cut in) describing all the reasons why they can’t do XYZ. Maybe it’s entertaining clients at restaurants for work, travelling for work for 2 weeks at a time, needing to drive around kids, not being a morning person, not having enough money, being tight on time.
            And I get it: struggles are real! But if you choose to focus on problems, it might make feel better knowing ‘it’s not your fault’, but the excuses will keep you trapped in our current reality. Instead focus on what you CAN do. What is the best choice you can make in the current situation?

  1. Your beliefs are just stories. You can change them.

            “I just don’t have enough will power”. “I can be good for a few days, or even the week, but I always fall off track on the weekends. And once I start, I just can’t stop”. “I’m good until I have glass or two of wine. Then all bets are off”, “I always crave chocolate in the afternoon”, “Paying attention and food journaling stresses me out”.  These are some of the common stories I hear from clients I work with (and yes… I hear the wine one a lot!). I’ve written many articles on the power of words. It’s also something we focus on in our coaching programs at Ascend Fitness and Lifestyle. Essentially, our stories create our reality. And if you want to change your reality, you need to change your story.
            Just because you’ve always done something, or acted a certain way in the past doesn’t mean you need to keep repeating that behaviour in the future unless you choose to. Your past actions do not define you. You can choose a new story. And if your current story isn’t working for you, change it. And before you think ‘I can’t change my thoughts” or “this isn’t going to help” remember that those thoughts are just stories. Change them. Yes you can!    

  1. Focus on the best choice for right NOW

            While we love big lofty plans: 21 day detoxes, diet plans and 90-day workout fixes, planning, and focusing on these plans can take us away from the here and now. Or, we dwell on frustration from past mistakes. Thinking too far ahead, or living in the past, doesn’t help. The only opportunity you have to create change and to make progress is right now.
 For example, let’s say you decide that you’re going to ‘eat clean’ when you go to a party. A friend offers you a special appetizer that you simply can’t turn down. And it tastes so good, so you have one more. Many people at this point would simply let themselves go and make the ‘failure’ epic. Why stop at just one off-plan appetizer when you can down it with a few sugary drinks and a dessert and start with a clean slate on Monday? Instead, you could focus on the best choice for right now. Take the lesson with you, and move forward.
Before you buy another diet book, be honest with yourself: do you actually need more information or do you need to simply start implementing what you already know? Look for my next article for 3 more powerful mindset shifts to create massive change. But until then, start practicing!
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