3 Tips to Improve Wellness in the Workplace

Technology in the workplace allows businesses to grow quickly and efficiently- but there are a few draw backs. The increased dependence on technology means that many jobs have become more specialized- which can be great for business, and not so good for one’s health.  Specialized jobs often mean repetitive tasks: sitting in front of a computer for long hours at a time, and sometimes even becoming socially isolated within our workplace. For obvious reasons, this can lead to worker burnout, injury, and low employee morale.
                As you can imagine, repetitive, monotonous, and routine work days can not only take their toll on an employee, but can contribute to more sick days and work missed due to injury. Now, more than ever, business owners and managers are beginning to see the benefits of prevention over treatment. Here come the statistics, wooh!

  • Cost of treating chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc.) in Canada is $39 billion; indirect costs of chronic disease through lost wages and sick days incur an additional $54 billion.
  • Many chronic diseases can be managed or improved through proper diet and regular exercise!
  • It is shown that workers who report they have “average health” take 9x as many sick days as though who report they have “good health”
  • 2{2b5efc2dfd6f746083e0b4737cc27a283af0896f749c2b426ffd8dffe89bfddb} of employees with good health report poor job satisfaction, compared to 18{2b5efc2dfd6f746083e0b4737cc27a283af0896f749c2b426ffd8dffe89bfddb} of those with high health risks
  • For every $1 spent on corporate wellness, $3.27 is saved on medical costs and absentee costs fall by $2.73 (retrieved from SunLife website)

So what is corporate wellness?
                Corporate wellness is an understanding that improving the mental, physical, and emotional health of employees can drastically improve work productivity, employee satisfaction, and the rate of lost wages to sick days and work related injuries. A corporate wellness program may have many different approaches, but what they all share is the improved welfare of employees, employers, their relationships, and the business itself.
Here’s how you can start!
                Of course, you can get in touch with us here at Ascend Fitness to learn more about how you can incorporate Corporate Wellness into your company. Here are a few tips that you can use throughout your work day to achieve a healthier mind and body:

  1. Stretch! Movement is always great and you don’t even have to leave your chair for this one. Throw in some stretches to break up time at the computer.IMG_5390
  2. Fuel your body! It is estimated that your brain uses 20{2b5efc2dfd6f746083e0b4737cc27a283af0896f749c2b426ffd8dffe89bfddb} of your body’s fuel at rest. Make sure you replenish it during your work day with healthy snacks and water.
  3. Move! Take every opportunity you can to stand up – walk while on the phone; put your printer in another room, etc. Studies have shown that people who sit more often have more than 2 times the risk for diabetes and heart disease EVEN when they exercise regularly. This means that just moving regularly can have health benefits for those who are sedentary and active.Ready to get moving at work? Click here  to download exercises that you can do at your office.
    -By Daniel Cryderman, BScKin

Ascend Fitness is now offering complimentary workplace wellness seminars for Chilliwack businesses.  Email [email protected] for more information.

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