30 Day Fitness Challenge

November is winding down, which means if you started the 30 day challenge to ‘Cut out the White Stuff’, you are almost done.  How did you do?  Did you become more aware of the white stuff in your diet?  The sugar in your yogurt, the bread on the table at a restaurant… the more you look for it, the more you realize that white stuff is everywhere!
The 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge is a challenge to get into the best possible shape in 30 minutes per day, taking it 30 days at a time.  Now that the Cut out the White Stuff Challenge is completed, it doesn’t mean it’s time to go nuts and eat everything.  Personally, I am going to continue being aware, and permit myself an indulgence or two each week.  After all, it is December.  My first treat will be tomorrow morning when I get to open my advent calendar!
The next fitness challenge officially starts December 1st- you can start any time- and the challenge is to be active for 30 minutes per day, everyday.  It doesn’t mean you have to run everyday or do a hardcore workout- because you need rest.  But commit to doing something each day, whether it be a power walk, a hike, raking leaves in the backyard.  30 minutes is 1/48 of your entire day.  It’s a short time for the gains you experience.
Don’t wait til January to commit to your health.  Keep active during the holiday season so you can be a few steps ahead when you wake up on New Years Day!

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