30 Minute Body Weight Cardio Burn

Here you go!  A 30 minute workout that requires no equipment at all.  Just some sweat 🙂
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45/10 for each exercise:
1. 10 High Knees/ 10 Mountain Climbers
2. Squat + Reverse Lunge
3. Burpee (love them 😉
4. Power Squats
5. Half burpee push-up
6. Single or double leg extensions
7. Skater Hops
8. Jump lunges
9. Squat Jumps Forward
While you really don’t need anything at all to get in great shape, it really is much, much more fun to do it as a group.  At Ascend Fitness we offer the coaching to put all the pieces together, to make sure you’re doing things correctly, and the support and accountability to reach you goals.  Click here to request your free trial!

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