5 Steps for Up-Leveling your Mindset

It’s easy to get fed up with your current situation – whether it be weight, a job, finances, a relationship or otherwise – and say to yourself “I’m done! Things are about to change!”

But then they don’t.

Because that moment of inspiration from frustration is fleeting.

A month, a year, and 5 years go by and things are still the same…

You can achieve your goals, I believe in you! You need to believe it too! By creating some small but vital mindset shifts you can set yourself up for success.

Here are 5 steps you can take to do just that:

  1. Identify your past mistakes. Chances are that this thing you want to change…well, it’s not the first time you’ve thought of tackling it. So go back and take note of why you weren’t successful in the past.
  2. Create small goals to achieve along the way. If you’ve got a pretty big goal, it can feel like you’re standing at the base of Mount Everest. Overwhelm will not be helpful in getting to your destination, so setting smaller goals to work toward that ultimately add up to the big goal is important for maintaining your motivation.
  3. Stay flexible in your pursuit. Plans don’t always work out like we want them to. Life throws us challenges. Most people quit as soon as things get in their way. You cannot! Be ready to adapt as you move forward.
  4. Stay inspired. The initial burst of inspiration you get to take action won’t last forever, so you have to find ways to keep the inspiration. Some suggestions can be creating a vision board, having an accountability circle of others who keep you on track, or listening to/reading things that inspire you every day.
  5. Engage in a daily routine.  Whether it’s journaling, reading, writing or saying affirmations, visualization, or a combination of all of them, having a daily routine centered around personal growth will absolutely keep you on track in pursuit of your goals.

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Yours in Health

Tanja X

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