Ajvar Recipe

Ajvar is a Serbian eggplant and red pepper dip. And it’s DELICIOUS.
Growing up, the dip often showed up at BBQs and parties (my dad is from Slovenia, and it was a staple in the Slovenian diet). Of course, I didn’t like it when I was young… probably because I never actually tried it. Once I decided that I actually really liked vegetables (sometime in my late teens, early 20s), I started to really enjoy the flavour of ajvar.
It can be a bit tricky to find; most grocery stores in my area do not carry it. And when I ran out, but was too lazy to go across town to buy some more, I made my own.
This dip/ sauce can be used on its own, on hamburgers, on vegetables, added to soups and stews, or mixed into spaghetti sauce. I often eat it right from the jar.
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