A Rant: What is a coach?

There’s something I need to get off my chest.
In the world of internet marketing it seems the meaning of the term “coach” has turned into the OPPOSITE of the reason I got into coaching in the first place.
This is a bit of a rant so be prepared…
It seems that nowadays you can take a quick course online or sign up to be a distributor for certain products, and you are then slapped with the prestigious title of COACH.
And here’s why I am NOT ok with that
To me, coaching implies a deep understanding of the subject matter in which you coach. It implies education, experience, and a significant investment of time and money when it comes to crafting your expertise.
A coach illuminates the path for a client’s success. They deeply understand and empathize with the feelings and desires of their client. They ask meaningful questions that allow the client to step into a new, higher-level of self.
So, is someone who distributes a product or who took a test online truly a coach? In my opinion, NO.
Some people won’t like this message, and that’s ok. It’s important for me to put this message out into the world though so that people cannot only make educated decisions on who to work with when they hire a coach, but also, so I can distinguish what I believe is one of the most honorable professions in the world.
Here at Ascend Fitness + Lifestyle, we have a team of TRUE expert coaches who have lived and breathed what we do for years. Our team members specialize in core stability, pelvic floor training, the psychology of eating, nutritional therapy, mindset, medical exercise and athletic performance.  
If you’re looking for some support with knowing what to eat, how to move your body so that you can move pain free, if you already know what to do but are not doing it, simply leave a comment and let us know or click here so we can schedule some time to speak. 
Yours in Health,
Tanja X
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