A "Wasted" Workout

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes!
The 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge officially started yesterday (you can start anytime… the best time being RIGHT NOW!).  Today is my first workout post.  My goal is to post workout as close to everyday as possible.
The goal of the Peak Fitness Challenge is to get in the best possible shape with 30 minutes of exercise per day.
Sometimes, however, life happens.  And for me today was one of those days.  With less than four hours of sleep, my energy levels were low and my motivation to exercise was non existent.
I have known by body now for nearly 30 years- long enough to know when to push through, and when to take a break.  Today was time to take a break.
Today, I ‘wasted’ my workout.  I got out for 30 minutes.  I walked, I ran, I jogged,  I ran backwards, I stopped to throw the ball for Red.  I experienced sunshine, fall colours, fresh air, and the excitement of a tennis ball enthusiast.  I covered about 5 K, burned a few hundred calories, and felt a little more energized than when I started.  I also had a happy dog.
What did you do today for exercise?

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