What is the 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge?

Hey Peak Fitness Athletes!
The 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge started as a personal challenge to get the ultimate body- in function and esthetics- in less than 30 minutes of exercise per day.
I used to exercise a lot- because I had a lot of time.  Now that I am like everyone else- strapped for time between work, taking care of a family and the desire to do non-exercise activities, I am going to prove that you can get a rockin’ body without long hours at the gym.
To keep things fresh, we are going to take part in 30 Day Challenges.  The Challenges may be related to fitness, diet, environment, self improvement, or taking care of others.  For example, the first 30 Day Challenge (we started November 2011) is to Cut out the White Stuff.
Want to take part?  Simply follow the 30/30 Peak Fitness Challenge, complete your 30 minute workout, and take part in the challenges.  I encourage you to take your weight and measurements, as well as a ‘before’ picture.   Also, make sure to test your fitness level!  Invite your friends to join you… a strong support network can really make a difference when achieving your goals!  Follow Ascend Fitness on Twitter and Facebook.
I am posting regular workouts for you to do, under Rock Your Workout.  Check out healthy recipe ideas and diet tips under Rock your Diet. Finally, read the Rockin’ Tips to get the most out of your fitness and nutrition program.
You can post your workout results by leaving comments, and e-mail your before and after photos to [email protected].
Join me on this 30/30 Fitness Challenge and let’s ROCK!

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