Abs of Steel Workout

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes,
I want to share with you a fantastic full body workout you can do in 30 minutes… with a special focus on those six-pack muscles.
I did this workout at Anytime Fitness. With a few modifications you can also do it at home.
Warm up:
Body weight squats x 10
Body weight lunges with trunk rotations x 5 each side
Push-ups with rotation x 5 each side
Forward arm circles x 10
Backward arm circles x 10
Trunk rotations x 10
Workout Instructions:
Workout is 18 minutes long. Each interval is 2 minutes long, each round is 6 minutes long. There are 3 rounds. The goal is to get as many sets of each exercise done in 2 minutes- while maintaining proper form of course!
2 minutes:
10 chest presses (band or cable)
10 medicine ball push ups (or traveling push ups)
Repeat for 2 minutes.
2 minutes abs:
10 single leg raises each leg
Plank hold with 10 knee drops
2 minutes:
Repeat first 2 minutes.
2 minutes:
10 chin ups (or chin assists, or row with band)
10 shoulder presses (with weights)
2 minutes abs:
As round 1
2 minutes:
Repeat chin up/ shoulder sets.
2 minutes:
10 straight arm pull downs (cable or band)
10 triceps push-ups
2 minutes abs:
As round 1
2 minutes:
Repeat pull down/triceps push-ups

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