Amanda Lescisin

Everyone at Ascend is amazing – from the front team to all of the trainers, everyone is professional and so encouraging. Everyone works together to encourage you to improve and meet your goals. The selection of programs is great – when signing up there were options for the level of commitment you wanted to make and the time that you were able to dedicate to it. The coaching that comes with the small groups program is amazing. No matter who the coach is, you know you are going to be encouraged and pushed to the next level. I need the accountability that the coaching program offers as it’s noticed if you aren’t there as it’s a personal relationship.
After the Take Down Challenge, I joined Ascend for the accountability piece but I stay for the encouragement and positive reinforcement that is offered. I also love that there isn’t a push to work out more and be thinner and stronger, but it’s the encouragement to be a better you.
 Since starting the Take Down Challenge in May I have lost 20 pounds but more importantly than that, I’ve learned how to take care of myself better and to take the time to take care of myself. Between a crazy work schedule, school, and taking the time to work out, meal planning and prep has been the best thing for me – if you plan for it, it will happen! Otherwise you’re relying on finding something to eat and it’s unlikely to be the healthiest choice. It’s also reinforced that it isn’t about the scale but also inches and even more importantly, how you feel.
 My endurance has increased since starting at Ascend and my strength has increased a lot. I find many moves in pole class so much easier especially those that are strength based – being lighter and stronger makes things more fluid and easier.
I would encourage anyone to join Ascend – it’s not about losing weight, it’s about seeing yourself better and making progress that isn’t about the scale. The scale doesn’t define you!


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