Anytime Green Smoothie

I’m borderline addicted to my green smoothies- and single leaf of kale was my gateway drug.  And I NEVER thought I would be saying that. In fact about 3 months ago I was very adamant that only fruit or chocolate was meant for smoothies. Spinach, kale, and all the greens were meant for salads.
Then I started really improving my diet. I’ve always been ‘pretty good’, but I would easily fall into sloppy habits (READ: SUGAR). But a wonderful thing happens when you start to eat really well- your tastes change. 
A red pepper is mind blowing. A fresh, crisp and cool carrot is mouth watering. And a single leaf of kale turned into hemp hearts, and a whole bunch of greens.  I also started adding collagen protein (see the tips below).  I also switch it up with a good quality vegan protein. 
If you’re not a lover of green smoothies (yet), ease into it. Start with a few leaves, and allow your tastes to adjust to the delicious, natural flavours of real, whole food.
Please comment below and share your favourite smoothie ingredients!
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