Are You Ever Too Old?

If you’re fifty, sixty or even seventy, you might wonder if it’s too late to start strength training.

The truth is you are never too old to start. The best time to start strength training might have been a few decades ago, but the next best time is right now.

Strength training becomes more important than ever as we age. Here’s why:

🌿 We tend to lose muscle mass as we age. By intentionally building strength, you’re slowing this muscle loss. With enough consistency, you can even rebuild some of the muscle that has been lost over time.

🌿 By rebuilding this muscle mass, you’ll be able to lift more, move better, and do more in your everyday life. This is going to create more independence for you as you continue moving through your life.

🌿 Strength training also creates more body awareness and strengthens the mind-body connection. These benefits will mean improved balance, reducing the likelihood of falls and accidents.

With the right coaching and support, you can experience the benefits of strength training for yourself, no matter what your age.

Committed to your success,

Tanja x

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