5 Tips To Get You Back On Track

Things have been going along great. You’ve been consistent and are seeing some real changes in your body and energy levels. Suddenly, real life happens and you find yourself not booking your sessions and late-night snacking.

We’ve all been there. You are not alone.

Here are 5 Simple Tips to help you back on track when things get off-plan:

1. Recognize Where You’re At

Take a moment to recognize that there could be other factors at play, such as illness, family commitments, mental health struggles, or work deadlines. When we identify these barriers we can focus on solutions and pivot to
see what we CAN do.


2. Re-evaluate Your Goals and Write Them Down

Although your Long term goal to become more mobile, lose those 10lbs, or being able to get up and down off the floor to play with your grandchildren will remain stable, time away from your goal actions steps may require a change to your short term focus.

Re-evaluate your short-term goals with your coach to get back on track and make to process doable and less overwhelming.

**PRO TIP: Write your goals down on a post-it note where you’re sure to see them. Reading your goals daily is a powerful motivator!


3. Look At Your Week and Schedule Your Workouts

Be proactive and intentional with your time. Take a look at the week ahead and carve out some time for your health and fitness. Schedule in your workouts like you would a hair or doctor’s appointment. It’s an appointment with yourself and you are a priority.


4. Have An Accountability Buddy

Planning your daily movement or workouts with a friend or partner can go a long way to getting back on track and to remaining consistent.

Being around like-minded people who share similar fitness and health goals not only creates accountability but a supportive community that can help you celebrate the wins and be there for you during the struggles.


5. Something Is Better Than Nothing

Every single step counts, every positive choice is a vote for the healthier you. Life happens and our goals may feel a little farther away than we would like at times. But discovering what you CAN do, even if it seems small, is still you moving forward.


Are you feeling off track? We’re here to help! Visit www.getfitchilliwack.com to learn more about our 6 Week Fit for Life Program.

We are here to support, encourage and guide you.
-Tanja x

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