Barb Roseboom

I joined Ascend because my daughter was getting married last August at the Harrison and I realized that we were hosting this big important party and  I was waay overweight, terrified of having my picture taken or having people look at me.  The other problem was that I had nothing to wear.  It seemed like the more I dieted the heavier I got.  I was not a happy person.  My daughter suggested I go see Tanja as she had done some boot camps with her.  I must have realized that this was the right thing to do as I didn’t even hesitate before contacting her.
That first day at the gym it was Tanja and Gordon.  Poor Gord must have wondered what he was getting into.  I was so out of shape, I couldn’t do anything.  I went four times a week.  There was no way I was ready for boot camp.  I kept expecting them to say I was hopeless and give up on me but thankfully they never did.  They were so patient with me even though I apparently whined and complained a lot.
By the wedding I had lost 20lbs and felt much better.  Now I had to decide what I was going to do.  I realized that I had put in so much work that I didn’t want to quit so I went to twice a week personal training and three times a week boot camps.  The boot camps were terrifying because I still wasn’t in very good shape.  I was so glad they were in the dark so nobody could see me.  When I started the boot camps everybody was so supportive and helpful that I realized that I had a support system.  Now I had a whole team on my side.  Can’t get much better than that.
In January I did the TDC.  It was like a switch being turned on.  No more lonely dieting.  I started eating properly, my workouts suddenly became easier and I started running (thanks to Chris).  I have now lost over 50lbs and countless inches and am so much stronger.  I find that I get such a high from working out that it has become addictive and I don’t want to miss a day.  I am not the same person I was a year ago I am so much better. 
I cannot say enough about the team at ascend.  This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I have never been happier or felt better.  I give them full credit for this.  I showed up every time but they made me work.  They got me healthy in spite of my resistance.  I feel like they have worked a miracle with me.  If I can do this anyone can.  The whole support system from the ascent team, to the boot campers, to Facebook (I really enjoy Facebook) is what keeps me going with no desire to ever leave. 
I am excited to see what I will look like in a year.

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