Be COOL! Wear and Ascend Fitness T-Shirt!

The time has come… finally….  and I want you to be the first to know.  Ascend Fitness T-Shirts are available I would be honoured if you were to wear one when you workout!  The shirts are that light technical fabric- perfect for running, jumping, skipping, hopping, and of course, doing burpees.  They make a great gift too!
As a big thank you to our current clients (3 month packages or longer) we are giving you one of the spectacular lime green shirts.  Just complete the form and send it to [email protected].
I’ve attached a photo of me modeling the lime green shirt.  I thought that in case you were on the fence, this fabulous photo will make you want one.
Please complete it, and scan it or e-mail it back to me no later than MAY 28, 2012 (with payment if applicable).  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

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