Being Able to Walk Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed….

It’s Sunday morning.  8:30am.  The temperature reads 0 degrees.  Many people are still lounging in their house coats, sipping their morning coffee or enjoying a brunch of pancakes and bacon. But not Ascend Fitness Athletes.
Instead, we are bundled up and gearing up for a tough workout.  The kind where your lungs are on fire and your legs turn to jelly.  The  workout is posted below.

Thanks to John, Marc, Helene, Eve-line, Phil, Dawn, Nordina, Sara, Candace, Shelby, Jane, Trisha, Heather, Bruce, Jenn, Sharon, Mike and Nicole for coming out!  A special thanks to Helene for taking photos.  Check out more photos here.
Burn, Baby, Burn Workout
Warm up: 5-10 minutes of light running
1. 5 minutes of continuous stair running. Count how many sets you complete in 5 minutes.
2. 3 x 45 seconds HARD! Recover on the way down.
3. 3 x 30 seconds HARD! Recover on the way down.
4. 3 x 15 seconds HARD! Recover on the way down.
5. Repeat 5 minutes of continuous stair running. The goal is to complete the same number of reps (or more) than you did during the first 5 minute round.
6. BONUS: 3 minutes of walking lunges up hill. First minute: no pulses. Second minute: 3 pulses during each lunge. Third minute: 5 pulses during each lunge.
Warm down: Easy walk and stretch. Fancy coffee at Waves.
This workout is closer to an hour.  It can be done on a hill, or treadmill (see how far you can go in 5 minutes).  I hope you enjoyed this workout… I sure did!

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