The best part of Ascend Fitness

I’m sitting at my computer trying to come up with the right words to say what I want to say. I’m not really sure how to start, so… I’ll just start.

 There’s many things I love about Ascend Fitness, but the thing I love the most is the community; the people. When I started the business, I had a vision of what I wanted it to be. I came up with my five core values to guide the way:

  • Professionalism
  • Passion for Health and Fitness
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Steady growth and improvement through continuing education, innovative thinking and project implementation.
  • Community

I want to talk about Community. To Ascend Fitness, this means building a community within Ascend and also giving back to Chilliwack.
I want to thank you, as members, participants, and coaches at Ascend Fitness for making my vision a reality. Recently, one of our members found out that someone was going to take a break from workouts due to some life changes. This person contacted us to anonymously give the gift of one more month of fitness. “I just know how hard it is to stay on track without the support this group gives.” This is not the first time something like this has happened at Ascend Fitness. And honestly, it makes me a little emotional. This generosity represents the type of people that are part of the Ascend family, and I see it everyday.
I see boot campers train together, have fun with each other, and invite new comers to set up next to them and help them through a workout. I see our personal training clients form relationships, meet up for stair workouts outside of their sessions, and support each other. I see so many people come out for our monthly seminars and hikes.   I see our Coaches and Client Care team help each other grow, speak and act kindly to each other, and support each other. I see our entire team get excited when our members are successful; I see our entire team genuinely care about each other and our members.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I look forward to celebrating you at our Client Holiday Party on December 10th.

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