How to Take Measurements

Let's face it... most of us don't enjoy getting measured and weighed.  When starting an exercise program, however, regular measurements are important.  Measurements give you a starting point- and show…

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Santa Fe Chicken Salad

I used to order the Santa Fe Chicken Salad anytime I went to Earls... then I started making it myself. This salad is a staple in my dinner rotation. This…

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HIIT the StairMaster!

I don't use cardio machines a lot, but when I do, I prefer the StairMaster (stepper, stair climber, whatever you want to call it).  It's different enough from running, which…

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Abs of Steel Workout

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes, I want to share with you a fantastic full body workout you can do in 30 minutes... with a special focus on those six-pack muscles. I…

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