Body Love is a Practice with Emma Polette: FVY158


Only 20% of women are satisfied with their bodies. 89% of women and 8 out of 10 girls are withdrawing from life engaging activities because they don’t feel good about their bodies.  This means women are holding themselves back from living the life they dream of.  (Dove Beauty & Confidence Report, 2019)

This is why we need Body Love. 

In this episode I team up with Emma Polette from to talk all things about loving your body.

  • Our own turning points when we reached ‘diet rock bottom’ and realized we needed to start truly caring for ourselves
  • Common triggers such as seeing a picture of yourself or looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking what you see, and how to quickly get back to self-love and acceptance
  • Myths and misconceptions about what loving your body actually is
  • Simple daily practices to start practicing body love

Emma Polette is the founder of Body Love HQ.  Her clients call her a real woman for real women. She is a qualified personal trainer, health coach, reiki master & yoga teacher and the creator of The Body Love Method™

She uses these modalities and many other tools to empower women to treat their bodies with love just as they are right now.

Emma’s mission is to create a huge ripple effect of Body Love throughout the world via her 12-month Body Love Coach Certification Course and her workshops, online courses and retreats.

When she’s not teaching classes & workshops or recording her latest podcast episode, Emma hangs out with her dog Barney and enjoys a decaf flat white with a side of gluten-free chocolate brownie.


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