Breaking Boards and Walking on Glass

Billy- walking on glassFear. It makes us anxious, causes stress.  It’s uncomfortable. Fear can hold us back. It can stop us from doing the things we want to do, and ultimately, living the life we want to live.
It’s an emotion that I am familiar with; and perhaps you are too.   Fear of the unknown and uncertainty, fear or failure, fear of being turned down. My path as a business owner is punctuated with fear. The greatest barriers came at the beginning when I was just getting used to the feeling. Fear of opening my own business (How do I get clients? What if I fail?) Fear of hiring my first trainer (what if all my clients leave? What if I cannot support a new trainer? What if everyone is unhappy with me personally?) Fear of opening my own studio (What if I can’t pay rent? What if all my clients leave?). Fear of public speaking (What if I mess up? What if no one laughs at my jokes? What if I forget what I’m supposed to say?)  The list goes on.
Most often, the fear is imaginary. It’s the ‘what ifs’, the unknowns that are scary. We battle these imaginary saber tooth tigers when trying to sleep at night, or trying to move forward to reach something we want to reach.   Fear is that feeling you get when you do something that’s out of your comfort zone- and that’s where the magic happens.
Breaking boardsLast week I attended a training seminar in Orlando with other Fitness Business Leader in North America. The theme “Rise Up” and weaved through all of the presentations, and was certainly prevalent in the final seminar. The final was by Billy Beck III, the ‘Worlds’ Best Personal Trainer’.   Two years ago he had us write down our barriers on a board, and then break through it with our bare hands. Yikes (“Will it hurt? What if I can’t do it? What if…). I did it. I broke through.
This year he had us walk bare foot over broken glass.
The thought of walking over broken glass didn’t excite me. In fact, I really didn’t want to do it. Would it hurt? Would I get cut?
I did it, and I will share how, and why.
Breaking boards and walking over broken glass represent our obstacles that we face in life. So how do we overcome obstacles? How do we conquer our fear?
I have learned from myself, and also from the hundreds of clients who have conquered fear on their journey to living a healthier, better life.
Often clients are fearful of the unknown. They are fearful of not being able to do it, or failing. Some are fearful of success.
Each time fear is conquered, there are three things in common:

  1. There’s a purpose. There’s a ‘why’. For breaking boards and walking over glass, my why was simply to prove that I could. It was to practice overcoming fear. In business, my driving purpose is to empower and support others to change their lives in powerful and positive ways through fitness and sound nutrition. When the ‘why’ is strong enough, it’s a much easier to crush fear. In my client’s eyes, their why was to live a better life. They want to have energy. They no longer wanted their weight or body image to stop them from living the life they want to live. They want to be their best for their family, and for themselves.
  2. There’s a system. Billy didn’t have us break boards or walk over glass without instruction. He carefully taught us how to do it so that we would be successful. In business, I have coaches to help me plan out how to achieve the next step. I never hired a fitness trainer, or opened a studio without a plan. With my clients, we have a comprehensive, step-by-step system to help them get to where they want to go.
  3. There’s support. When going to break a board with my bare hand, or walk over a bed of glass, I was not alone. I had my community of friends and coaches to help me every step of the way. In my business, I am so fortunate to have the support of a network of other fitness business leaders, coaches, the support of my clients and team at Ascend Fitness, and the support of my family. My clients have the support of their fitness coaches, and the amazing supportive community at Ascend Fitness.

Each time I conquer fear, I am stronger, more confident and a better person. To me, business is not just about business. Ascend Fitness is a catalyst for my own personal growth, and for carrying out my purpose in life. I am so fortunate with to work with so many clients who have conquered their own fears on their way to living a better life.
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