Bring a Buddy or Spouse to Your Workout

Do you know a friend or loved one who wants to join you for a workout?
Well bring them along this Valentine’s Day for a fun partner workout on Saturday February 14th to the Bring A Buddy Boot Camp at 9:00am and 1:00pm.
We will be holding a fundraiser at these boot camps to donate to Life Exchange Chilliwack.
So if you can, please donate a cash donation and all cheques over $20 will be given receipts.
So recruit a friend or your spouse and get ready for a super exciting and fun partner  workout!
Here’s some information about Life Exchange:
Their purpose is to be a community and culture of responders committed to “being there for children and teens who are facing critical life situations”. Their  passion is to see children and teens given the resources, support, counsel and community to achieve the quality of life, education, social and spiritual well being that elevates them out of potential or imminent destructive and dysfunctional circumstances beyond their or their family’s control.
For more details check out Life Exchange’s  Facebook Page at

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