Bruce joined our team in 2022. He is a Certified Fitness Trainer and has gone through the Medical Exercise Specialist training.

Bruce works full time as a Fire Captain in Surrey. After 30 years in the fire service, he will be retiring in February 2023. Bruce has been married for 29 years and have four sons, aged 24 to 16. Bruce began working in the fitness industry on his days off in 2017 and has enjoyed helping people reach their health and fitness goals including preparing for different outdoor adventures that they would like to take part in.

Bruce’s personal journey to health began in 2010 after a difficult back injury and a lifetime of being overweight and has involved consistent strength training and various aerobic endurance events.

In recent years he has completed a 50-kilometer trail race with 3000 meters of elevation as well as organized both the physical training and the logistics for various backpacking and cycling trips for groups of men with a focus on building community.

One thing he focus on in his own training is the power of consistency. He believes that many people focus on what they can accomplish in a month or two but have trouble seeing the incredible power of consistency over a year or more.

To keep motivated, Bruce imagines being that fit and adventurous Grandfather who is able to keep up with and even encourage his grandchildren to build a life of adventure and strength.