Busting the 'Time' Excuse

It took me 29 minutes to get to that ‘is the roof leaking or is it me?’ state.  5 minute warm up.  24 minute workout.  Frankly, I could have took this photo after just 21 minutes. Lack of time is one the number one reason why most people cannot commit to a workout program- but it doesn’t have to be.
Here’s the problem: Traditional exercise programs take way too long (and may not always yield great results).
-Long, slow, boring ‘fat burning’ workout on the treadmill or elliptical
-Body building type split routines (ex. chest and triceps one day, biceps and shoulders another day)
You can get results in less than 30 minutes of exercise.  You can spend less than 20 minutes exercising and get see-in-the-mirror results.  My clients are proof of that.  Right now I’m busy telling my secrets in my complimentary ‘Fast Fitness and Fat Loss for Busy People’ lunch and learn.  More info on that presentation is here.
The main ‘secret’ to getting results is quality, efficient, higher intensity workouts, like this 24 minute challenge:
Set your timer for 50 sec work/ 10 sec rest (just enough to jot down your score in your training journal).  Do the 8 exercises in a circuit format.  3 rounds (or 2 if you’re pressed for time).  Check out the video:

1. Skipping Rope or High knees
2. Bench step overs (Right foot stays on bench)
3. Bench step overs (Left food stays on bench)
4. Plank forearms to hands
5. Lunge jumps
6. Plank knee to elbow
7. Lateral lunges
8. Triceps dips
Go hard the first time, and try to ‘meet or beat’ your score on the second and third rounds.  Here’s my scores.  If you try this workout, post your scores in the comments section below!

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