What CAN I do?

What can I do?
Seriously, answer it. It’s not a rhetorical question. 
Questions are powerful, and this one in particular can be the catalyst for change– for making improvements. For seeking opportunities, to making better choices. To transform your body. To stay consistent. To have an empowered mindset. 
And every day can have a different answer.
My good friend Anne, an avid runner at heart, tore her calf muscle. Running is not a wise option. What can she do? This morning we went for a lovely (and challenging) bike ride. Workout complete. Calf happy. 
At Ascend we’ve had four clients come to their workouts in a full leg cast: one from a Tough Mudder mishap, one from a torn Achilles tendon and two from broken ankles. What can they do? There are still PLENTY of things they can do to keep fit- focusing on core and upper body. They still are making progress toward their overall health goals. 
You are out at a dinner party and there are literally NO HEALTHY OPTIONS. What can you do? You could eat a smaller portion. No stress, no drama, and get back to your regular scheduled program when you get home or the next day.
Your morning routine got detailed by a sick child. What can you do? You can reschedule your workout. You can choose to focus even more on eating well. You are still making progress toward your goals and living in alignment with your healthy living values. 
You came home from a stressful day and ate ‘all the things’. What can you do? You can drink water. Journal. Learn, let it go and focus on the next best choice. You are stopping the overeating spiral that starts when you beat yourself up.
You’re in a funk. You don’t know why. You’re just feeling off. What can you do? I don’t know…. but you’ll know if you stop and take time to answer the question. Maybe you do a gratitude practice or watch a funny movie. 
What can I do?
What can I do that will help just a little bit?
What can I do that will be an improvement for me?
What can I do that will help me reach my goals?
Ask it, answer it, and then TAKE ACTION!

Yours in Health,

Tanja X

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