Carb Tolerance

No matter how much I educate people on carbs, big and important questions continue to come up.

Together we’ve looked at carb tolerance by body type, but I want to talk about a different component today.

And that is around how carbs impact hunger and cravings.

If we try to eliminate starchy carbs or cut them extremely low, many people will find themselves extremely hungry with out of control cravings. Other side effects of going too low carb can be low energy, poor performance in workouts, moodiness, and a loss of muscle mass.

So, while it feels like going low or no carb might be the solution to all of your fat loss woes, there are consequences for most people.

What I recommend doing is testing yourself over time. At what point of carb consumption do you feel bloated and lethargic (over-consumption). At what point do you feel weak and hungry (under-consumption)?

And then, aim for the in-between. That point where you feel satisfied and fueled.

Only testing yourself over a period of time can give you this answer.

But I can tell you that for most people, going extremely low carb is a recipe for disaster long-term.

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Yours in Health,

Tanja X

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