Increased mood, energy, confidence and sustained weight loss

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Cari completed the Whole YOU Transformation Project and enjoyed BIG shifts: increased mood, energy, motivation, enjoyment of food and the confidence to keep up these habits for life.
Energy: Increased from 6/10 to 8-9/10 by the end.
Mood: Increased from 6/10 to 8-9/10 by the end.
Feelings of Consistent Motivation: Increased from a 3 to a 10
Pleasure from Eating: From a 6 to 8-9/10
Ease of Keeping Habits Going: 6.5 to 8 by the end.
A big reason why Cari saw these improvements is because she did the work consistently and was diligent about watching the videos and filling out her food journal 🙂
Yes, it’s work. But it is worth it. And you are worth it. 

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