Paul De Koning

I signed up with Ascend in December 2014 after a came back from a holiday in Mexico and my weight was the highest I ever experienced. I considered myself fit,…

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Richard Procee

The quality of Ascend Fitness and team is excellent. Great group of people. The coaching programs are superb. They're always focused on long term thinking rather than short term. The…

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Betty Johnson

I joined Ascend Fitness in July 2015. In the succeeding five months my energy level has increased considerably and my balance, posture and strength have all improved. Regular exercise has…

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Karen Warwick

I first joined Ascend Fitness because I was getting up in years and felt it was important to get into much better shape than I was, lose some weight and…

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Amanda Lescisin

Everyone at Ascend is amazing - from the front team to all of the trainers, everyone is professional and so encouraging. Everyone works together to encourage you to improve and…

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Lisa Parr

I joined Ascend Fitness in June 2014 to initially manage work & lifestyle stress as well as improving my overall running endurance. I have been running for approx. 4 yrs.…

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Danielle Dades

When I joined Ascend Fitness in February 2015, I was faced with the overwhelming task of getting my life and health in order and making myself a priority. Not knowing…

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Lorraine Hooge

I went in to talk with Tanja at Ascend when I hear about a 28 day challenge and I was frustrated with my weight and not able to lose even…

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Sue Iverson

I joined Ascend because I had come to a point in my life when I knew it was time to take care of health. Our family had been dealing with…

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Rob O'Hara

I had began changing my lifestyle about 6 months before I joined, eating healthier and smarter was helping me to lose some weight but I need to improve my fitness…

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