Sue Iverson

I joined Ascend because I had come to a point in my life when I knew it was time to take care of health. Our family had been dealing with…

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Rob O'Hara

I had began changing my lifestyle about 6 months before I joined, eating healthier and smarter was helping me to lose some weight but I need to improve my fitness…

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Wim Kerkhoff

I had lost a bunch of weight already through Weight Watchers, and was looking for somebody to help release more fat and improve my fitness. Since joining, I have become…

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James Ponak

In May of 2013, Tanja Shaw came to a luncheon that my employer organized, and they had her talk about health and fitness. When she walked up to the front,…

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Rob and Orla Nicklom

The end of August marks our three-month anniversary with Ascend Fitness, and what a terrific three months it has been!  We finally took the advice of our friend, Brian Wierks,…

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Monique Goerzen

I joined Ascend Fitness in May.  Although I originally joined for the Skinny Jeans Challenge, I quickly realized that I needed and desired a higher level of commitment than a…

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Makenzie Gueulette

When I joined Ascend my goals were to lose weight, and tone. Since joining I have definitely toned, and for sure gotten stronger. I haven't lost anywhere near as much…

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Joseph Ryan

Hello, my name is Joseph Ryan and I am currently attending the Royal Military College of Canada. Before coming, I realized that I needed to become stronger to reach Canadian…

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Leanna Kemp

          I joined Ascend fitness in October of 2012.  I had seen an ad, and heard through a friend, that boot camp was great and it…

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Megan Tait

The number one thing I notice and appreciate about Ascend Fitness is the consistent positivity. No matter the day, time, weather, or number of people in the class the positive,…

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