Overcoming Injuries: Meet Chris

Chris came to Ascend wanting to improve his overall health and fitness. He had a slipped disc in his back that was debilitating for quite a few years. After surgery, his doctor recommended weight loss and improving his core strength to optimize his everyday function and movement.

Since starting at Ascend in 2018, Chris has transformed his health and fitness. He’s in the best shape he’s been in since his twenties. He’s able to hike and move through long, physical workdays with ease. His back pain has subsided significantly. Instead of having pain and setbacks every few weeks or months, he might notice a small flare-up every six months or so.

He’s also lost about 50 pounds and has gotten stronger and more mobile. What’s most inspiring about Chris is that he came to Ascend during a particularly challenging time in his life. In spite of the obstacles, he continued to progress and push his fitness and health to the next level one day at a time. We couldn’t be more excited for the success Chris has had on his journey at Ascend!

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