Christmas Bingo!

It’s time for some fun!   Our version of Christmas Bingo is a game of health, happiness, and your chance to do something good for the community.
Here’s how it works:
Download your Christmas bingo sheet here (or get one from the studio) and complete as many of the ‘challenges’ as you can in the month of December.
Post your sheet at the studio and mark off each time you complete a challenge (we’ll have festive stickers to decorate your sheet!)
Get a BINGO & be entered to win one of 3 draws for a $100 donation to a charity of your choice.  2 “BINGOs” are worth 2 entries and son…
Here’s a reminder of all the challenges:
Attend a Christmas event in the community
Do 50 burpees in a row (or squats IF you are not able to do burpees.
Review Ascend Fitness on our Facebook page (
Watch a Christmas movie
Try a new (nourishing) food. I’m into Engevita yeast these days!
Do a winter activity (skating, skiing, snow shoeing, etc.)
Email a favourite healthy recipe to info@ascendfitness
Set a goal for 2016.
Bring a gift for our toy drive/ Christmas sharing tree.
Go for a walk after dinner to look at Christmas lights.
Do something nice for a stranger.
Post a photo of you doing something active outside on our Ascend Athletes FB page (or email it to us!)
Listen to at least one 
Fit & Vibrant You Podcast (Tanja’s podcast, available on iTunes)
Review Ascend Fitness Inc. on Google.
Try one new healthy recipe.
Attend one workout outside of your regular workout schedule.
Say 3 things that you’re grateful for.
Contribute your mileage to the Walk Across Canada 
Take a walk break at lunch.
Donate to the food bank.
Stay 10 minutes after your workout to stretch.
Plan a date for you and your honey or a really good friend and turn off your cell phone!
Buy yourself a new outfit that makes you feel AMAZING!
Send a note of appreciation to someone.
Download your Christmas bingo sheet and have fun!

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