COVID-19 Reopening Plan

In accordance with Worksafe guidelines we will be maintaining the same great service you love while implementing new measures and while modifying what we were already doing. See notes below

  1. Controlled Access

As always, a minimum one Ascend staff member will be present in the facility during all business hours. Ascend Fitness is a private fitness studio and even in previous pre-COVID 19 conditions, patrons were never allowed access to the facility without the guidance of a trainer on the floor.


  1. Limiting Occupancy

A maximum of three training staff members will be present in the facility at one time working with a maximum of two patrons each. The facility is segmented into two large and open front and back sections were each group would have ample opportunity to follow the 2m physical distance guideline. Tape will be put on the floor to segment these sections into workout zones to confine sweat and to limit interaction. Equipment will be set up prior to sessions in the 15 min gap time allotted. Larger gatherings in the forms of group workouts, workshops, or yoga will all remain online rather than inside the facility. Appointments will be booked 15 min after each other in other to allow sufficient cleaning time in between sessions and to eliminate any overlapping interaction between clients of a past and subsequent session. Max occupancy will be 15 people, however usual occupancy will be closer to 10 persons. Individual room occupancy will vary (1 or 2 persons depending on size), see occupancy limits on doorways. Larger office max occupancy of two people, smaller office max occupancy of one person.

ABSOLUTELY NO HANDS ON COACHING (i.e. form corrections, assisted stretching, testing, measuring, etc.)


  1. Post Signs

Signs have been posted at the entrance to notify patrons that they must not enter if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Signs are posted throughout the facility to make patrons aware of the two metre physical distancing requirements and enhanced sanitation procedures (including reminders to wash hands, and to wipe equipment with disinfectant after each use.


  1. Screen Arriving Patrons

“Patrons will be asked the following questions when they arrive:

1.) Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite?

2.) Are you, or anyone you are living with sick, self-isolating, or quarantined?

Any patron, who answers ‘yes’ to the questions above, should not be permitted to enter the facility. It is recommended that anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 call 8-1-1 for guidance.”


  1. Manage Customer Entry Points

2m tape markings will be inside the studio entrance to ensure adequate space is maintained upon entering the building. The option to enter via the rear door is also available for those training in the back half of the gym.


  1. Require staff to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19

Staff with symptoms of the illness must not work and need to self-isolate and contact their care provider.


  1. Whenever possible, use contactless forms of payment and check-in.

We are a cash free operation. All check ins/registering for sessions are done online by either staff or patrons.


  1. Provide hand sanitizer stations or hand washing stations for patrons and encourage their use

Hand washing stations located in both washrooms as well as the outer sink. Hand sanitizer is available in both halves of the gym and can be found near all entrance/exit points. Hand washing is encouraged upon entrance and prior to exit of the facility.


  1. Use appropriate disinfectants

Our disinfectants have been verified to be effective against COVID-19 and are used in accordance with manufacturers direction.


  1. Provide patrons with either disinfectant wipes or disinfectant in a spray bottle and paper towels for disinfecting equipment and surfaces

For everyone’s safety we have discontinued the use of re-useable cloths. Disinfectants for patrons will be easily accessible and located near exercise areas. It is required to wipe down the equipment with disinfectant wipes before and after use.


  1. Where possible, increase the space between cardio machines to achieve a minimum of two meter distancing between users

Spacing between cardio equipment has been measured to maintain 2m distances. Where it is not possible, equipment has either been removed or folded up and stored out of commission.


  1. Encourage physical distancing and discourage congregating

Patrons should be encouraged to conduct their workout and exit the facility without unnecessary delay. A strict 45 min maximum time limit is allotted to each patron’s attendance.

(This 45 min allotted time is to complete their warm-up workout, stretches, and exit.)


  1. Group classes can be offered provided patrons are able to remain two metres from one another at all times during a class

All group sessions will remain online (group classes/workshops)


  1. Limit locker room use and avoid use if possible

Patrons are encouraged to arrive at the studio in workout clothes in order to avoid change rooms on site. When necessary, a disinfectant spray or wipe is available for patrons to disinfect locker contact surfaces before and after use.


  1. Close customer self-serve drink stations, water dispensers and water fountains

Clients are advised to bring their own filled water bottles as the sink is for hand washing only

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