Danielle Dades

When I joined Ascend Fitness in February 2015, I was faced with the overwhelming task of getting my life and health in order and making myself a priority. Not knowing where to begin, I sought the help of Ascend Fitness. Being a stay-at-home mom and juggling the demands of a busy household, it seemed like I was taking care of everyone but myself – It was time to make a change.
For the past three months I have been setting goals and reaching them – attending the morning cardio session and my small group sessions and along with that, the help of the nutritional counselling and the accountability sessions, the weight and inches have been steadily coming off. I’m feeling great and making a conscious effort to make myself a priority. Exercise and nutrition is now an important part of my daily life. I still have a long way to go but I am excited for the journey. The amazing support team I have in place with my family and friends and with the expert guidance of the coaches at Ascend Fitness have made it a lot of fun and the results are rewarding. I keep asking myself what took me so long to join???

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