Do it yourself 'Boot Camp'

Good morning!  I’ve been doing quite a few workouts in my driveway in the early morning before  my son Jacob wakes up, as my husband, Keith is away for work.  I was going to put music on this video… but Jacob’s commentary was pretty good.  He’s a good exercise partner 🙂
This is the workout I did today.  I did 4 ‘groups’ of 4 exercises, 30 seconds on, 5 seconds to transition.  I repeated each group for 3 rounds.  The 5 second transition time worked well as it gave me just enough time to hustle to the next exercise.
So… NO EXCUSES!  You have weights- you can get a band (or do bent over rows instead of mid rows).
Workout… YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Set 1:
1. Mid Row/ Pulls
2. Squat + Side Kick
3. Renegade Row
4. Bicycle Crunches
Set 2.
1. Lat Pull Down
2. Travel Push Ups
3/4. Reverse Lunges (each leg)
5. Single leg raises
Set 3.
1. Squat Press
2. Squat, pivot & lunge
3. Plank- knee to opposite elbow
4. Chest Fly in V-Sit
Set 4.
1. Triceps Push-ups
2. Overhead Triceps
3/4. Single leg squats

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