Elly graduated from the Kinesiology Program at the University of the Fraser Valley in the spring of 2018. Right out of high school, Kinesiology was not something that had ever crossed her mind. Then, after going through health issues that led up to the removal of her gall bladder, she found that health and the human body were quite fascinating.

She then found herself in the Kinesiology Program at UFV in Chilliwack. Her time at UFV did not come without personal struggles. In 2015, she was confronted with the biggest struggle of her life – her mother passed away. Despite the devastating loss of a parent, she got back on her feet. She made it her goal to complete her degree on time with her mother’s encouraging words in her mind and heart. With the incredible support of her family, friends, peers, and outstanding professors at the University, Elly graduated on time in April of 2018!

While at UFV, Elly worked under Tyne Campbell, the head athletic therapist. Elly worked with the Women’s Varsity Soccer team for two seasons as their student athletic trainer. She put in long hours, attending every practice and every game. Her dedication paid off, giving her incredible hands on experience as well as the tools and skills to work with a team and athletes.

Elly prioritizes balancing the various parts of her life. She is very close with her family and they share many experiences, from hikes to road trips to just hanging out. Outside of Ascend, Elly also works part-time on a Dairy Farm.

Beginning her post-grad career at Ascend was a perfect fit for Elly. She loves the positive atmosphere and strives to add to the fun, inclusive experience that clients encounter on a daily basis. Elly enjoys working with the small, tight knit team of coaches where she feels completely accepted as herself.

 Rapid Fire Questions

  1. What is your all-time go to healthy meal? Taco Salad!!
  2. People would be surprised if they knew… I have five tattoos
  3. What are your hobbies/ other interests.. I love puzzles!! I also enjoy going for hikes or hanging out on the patio with friends.
  4. Choose your Mr. Men/Little Miss, to describe your work personality? It would have to be Little Miss Busy. I always have something on the go – whether its work related, family related or some little project.
  5. What three words would you use to describe our culture at Ascend? Inclusive, Positive and Motivating
  6. Favourite quote/ inspiration: With everything I have faced so far in life, from graduating university to losing my mom, I love the words “Nevertheless, she persisted”. I (try) to believe that every obstacle comes with a lesson and that if you take a moment to recognize your initial reaction you can tackle whatever life throws at you – one day, one challenge at a time.