Fat Blasting Hotel "Quickie"

Keith and I spent the weekend together in Seattle (huge thank you to my mom for taking care of Jacob for the weekend!)- and it was absolutely fantastic.  Each morning, after an alarm-free wake up and hotel room coffee, we hit the gym for a short, and effective workout.  I really like how good I feel after a workout, and the results I get from working out, but I don’t necessarily want to spend hours sweating at the gym.
Here’s a fast and effective 15 minute get’r done workout that you can do almost anywhere.

Warm up: 8-10 minutes (I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, with a few intervals to kick things up a notch)
Set timer for 40 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest/ 9 rounds.
Group 1:
1a. Squat + Press
1b. Lunge Jumps
1c. Leg Drops
Repeat for 3 rounds (Total time 7:20)
Group 2:
2a. Medicine Ball Push-Ups
2b. Row (Cable, weights, or band)
2c. Squat & Tuck Jump
Repeat for 3 rounds.
Stretch and you’re done!

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