Feeling Strong Physically & Mentally


Chantal’s journey began after the birth of her daughter. She was looking to lose some baby weight and improve her mental health.

Through the welcoming community at Ascend she did exactly that! In the group sessions, Chantal found a good network of friends and fellow mothers that she still keeps in touch with today.

Thanks to the supportive coaches, Chantal was able to increase strength, energy, motivation and made considerable improvements to her general eating habits and movement patterns.

Even when Chantal went through a very stressful and depressing ordeal in her personal life, the yoga and personal training sessions helped her to turn the corner.

We celebrate Chantal for persevering through personal challenges and for reaching a point in her life where she feels strong both mentally and physically! She went from being someone who hadn’t exercised much in the past to someone who enjoys being active and can keep up with her extraordinarily energetic children.

Great work Chantal!

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