Fight the Fat (and Boredom) Workout

Hi Peak Fitness Athletes,
I have been off exercise for a bit (and have one more week to take it easy), but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep posting workouts for you to do!
With the arrival of winter- hello snow!- the treadmill suddenly becomes a bit more appealing.  I don’t mind soggy shoes, slushy side walks, sub-zero temperatures for a visit to a warm, dry gym!
If you think the treadmill is boring, you are just ‘doing it’ wrong!  Instead of slogging away on the machine for an hour or more, bump up the intensity, cut down the time, and get more out of your workout!
Scorch calories and boost your metabolism with this treadmill workout:
Warm up:
5 minutes
90 seconds RPE 7 (increase speed and incline for maximum calorie burn!)
60 seconds RPE 3 (recovery)
Repeat three more times.
60 seconds RPE 7
60 seconds RPE 3 (recovery)
Repeat three more times.
30 seconds RPE 8
60 seconds RPE 3 (recovery)
Repeat three more times.
*Beginners: Do only 3 sets of each interval.
Warm down:
3 more minutes and stretching.
Remember to record your speed and incline in your training log so you can compare it to your future workouts!
Rock this workout!

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