Foam Rolling Do’s and Don’ts

Foam rolling is a simple tool that helps work out deep knots in the muscle allowing for more flexibility and decreased soreness after the workout.

How to foam roll…

1. Place the belly of the muscle on the roller
2. Roll up and down the muscle
3. When you find a knot, rest on it for 10 sec.
4. Slowly move up and down on the knot, start small then go larger along the muscle
5. Repeat when you find another knot

Here’s some Do’s and Don’t of Foam Rolling…

Do: **Foam Roll 2-3x per Week** – consistency is key.

Don’t: **Hold Your Breath** – breathe during the tension.

Do: **Take Your Time** – The slower the better but don’t roll for more than 30s/area

Don’t: **Roll Over Joints** – avoid bony areas like back of knees and lower back

Do: **Ask For Help **- if you don’t know, don’t be afraid. we are here for YOU.

Don’t: **Roll Into Pain** – There is a difference between therapeutic (uncomfortable) pain and pain pain. Pay attention to how the muscle feels.

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