For a strong, healthy body, chose free weights

What’s better: free weights or machines? 👇
Whether you’re a gym regular or just starting out, strength training is key to a strong, healthy body.
💥While many gyms are chock full of fixed machines, at Ascend our overwhelming preference is for FREE WEIGHTS 🌟
💡 Free weights engage more muscles, reduce injury risk, and offer endless versatility for your workouts. Unlike machines that restrict your movement, free weights challenge your balance, integration, and strength across every muscle and joint. From biceps curls to squats, you’ll not only look better but also move better in everyday activities and sports.
🔒 Proper strength training with free weights can actually lower your risk of injury, especially as you age. By mastering exercises like squats, you’ll build the stability and balance needed for daily tasks, making activities like carrying groceries or climbing stairs a breeze.
👌 Don’t let poor technique hold you back! Investing in proper instruction from a fitness professional ensures you maximize your gains and minimize the risk of overuse injuries.
💰 Bonus: Free weights are cost-effective and space-efficient, perfect for home workouts. Plus, the variety of exercises you can do is limitless! Say goodbye to workout plateaus and hello to constant progress.
💪 Ready to take your fitness to the next level? We have a 6 Week New Member program to get you started. to learn more!
Your body will thank you! 🙌 

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