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Over my years working in fitness and nutrition I’ve worked with A LOT of moms.  Given that moms give to everyone around them, I’ve had to really navigate what holds them back from giving equally to themselves.
I’ve talked to hundreds of women about their struggles when it comes to sticking with their fitness. 
I know about the fear of failing again, the fear of starting over, and the fear of falling off the wagon.  I know about the cravings and lack of knowledge of how/what to eat. 
I’ve watched them spend endless hours on treadmills, working with trainers, and exercising with little to no return on their time and energy investment.  And I’ve seen them give up time and time again.
After working with hundreds of clients and specifically interviewing many women around their biggest areas of struggle, several things stand out as major issues that cause setbacks or failures, but what the overlying issue boils down to is TIME.  
They just don’t have time
I’ve been able to help these same women who once felt endlessly trapped in a vicious cycle by time transform their bodies using methods they can rely on forever.
Here’s what to do:

  • Learn how simple nutrition really is.  You don’t need supplements, shakes, pills, or anything aside from food.  You don’t have to eliminate carbs or eat chicken and lettuce and that’s it.  Foods that promote fat loss taste AMAZING and take very little time to prepare.  You can also go out to eat frequently and stay fit. It’s just a matter of knowing what to order!
  • Exercise for maximum efficiency. You need the most bang for your buck because of the time crunch.  You need a coach to guide and support you with an exercise program aligned with your goals.
  • Mindset.  Everything starts with believing that your goals are possible to achieve and making up your mind that you’re doing this thing NO MATTER WHAT.  That you’ll strive to be better by just 1% every day.  Accept that there will be setbacks, but there is no giving up.  There is no failure this time.  This is so much easier when you realize you don’t have to dedicate every waking moment and thought to your weight loss!
  • Stop trying to be perfect.  I would go CRAZY if I had to be perfect all the time with my fitness and nutrition, even though ‘health’ is my job! I eat chocolate, I enjoy wine and have created parameters that are effortless to follow. Most of the time I stay on track with my ‘everyday foods’. But if its worth it, (like really worth it) I enjoy foods that are ‘sometimes’ foods..  It takes practice, but it’s quite simple and easy to get the hang of.

If all this sounds great to you, you may still be wondering where in the world to start. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered! ​
We are getting ready to launch the Summer 12 Week Whole You Transformation Project on June 25. Registration closes tomorrow. If you’re tired of putting yourself last, and so badly want to make progress, to feel good in your clothes, to have more energy, then I invite you to apply. This is NOT a quick fix of a program based solely on meal plans and recipes. And it is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.  
Your Fan,
Tanja X

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