FVY 63: From Losing those "Last 5 Pounds" to Finding Real Health with Sue Iversen

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Sue Iversen has been a client at Ascend Fitness, and she caught my attention when she emailed me about a goal to get to 130 pounds.  I had always seen Sue as a wonderful, strong, fit, beautiful and positive person- and someone who was at a very healthy body weight.   Around the same time, I just launched the Whole You Transformation, and asked Sue to be a part of the beta group. 
4 weeks into the program she wrote:
“These first 4 weeks have just flown by! I am so glad that you asked me to participate with the beta test group. miss out on life to weight lessIt would not be an understatement when I tell you that this program has been LIFE CHANGING for me.  I have waged my own battle with the scale since my early teens,  the Whole You Transformation information/assignments gave me that final push to actually stop weighing myself. I was so surprised at what a difference that small change has made. It is an amazing thing not to have the start of my day shaped by the number on the scale!
I feel good about the meal choices I am making, and  I am more mindful of adding enough healthy fats which is also a change. The food journaling has been a great way to stay more mindful of what I eating and more importantly when I am eating so I have been able to see what my patterns are like.”
I invited Sue on the podcast to talk about her transformation from being a ‘chubby’ kid, to a battle to lose those last 5 pounds as an adult, and her journey to find real health. She shares actionable tips to keep motivated on the path to a healthier mindset, and a few key questions to ask yourself when you feel like you’re ‘drifting’.
On her journey, she mentioned a few “aha moments” such as:
The infographic on “The cost of getting lean”
The quote “Don’t miss out on 95% of your life to weigh 5% less”
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